Happy teachers, happy students

I am growing more and more interested in teachers within the learning community rather than students. Now, while actually at school my mind is almost always on my students. In my professional reading, though, I am consistently interested in understanding more about teacher efficacy, teachers’ experiences as part of learning communities and their roles as part of information ecologies. My (future) research will likely inquire into a question in one of these areas.
It feels weird, though – like I’m being a bad educator. The BCTF (like so many other teacher’s unions and other advocate groups) has had to adopt such a strong mantra of “it’s all for the kids” because of (in my opinion) misinformed and baggage laden public opinion that is suspicious of teachers that it sometimes feels taboo to advocate for something that directly improves teachers’ work experience. Oh well. I like to believe that we will grow (psychologically) as a society. Perhaps we will. Until then I will continue to enjoy teaching and learning with both my young’uns and my colleagues alike.

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