Spark | CBC Radio

Spark | CBC Radio.

Last week on the CBC radio program Spark, Nora interviewed William Gibson.  They primarily spoke of his new novel Zero History and Nora mentioned his treatment of underground fashion.  Their discussion of our “information society” started me thinking:

There is definitely a “cool” culture in restaurants, fashion/clothing, parties, etc. were the most sought-after things or experiences are those which have had the least (if any) advertising.   There is a restaurant near my house that has no signage or visible address.  It’s called The Narrow and it’s indicated by a single red light outside a door that leads down into the restaurant.  I only know about from word-of-mouth.  It’s very cool.

It seems as though the abundance of information available to the average urban resident, the accessibility of consumer opportunities (malls, stores everywhere) has led us, led by the 20-something gen, to seek products and experiences that are not easily come by.  In these cases, ease of information is the opposite of what we want.  or maybe of what we need?

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