BCTELA Provincial Conference


This past weekend was the annual BCTELA (BC Teachers of English Language Arts) provincial conference.  Susan and I did our graphic novel presentation, or a version of it, for the third time.

As I am on BCTELA’s exectutive committee, I got a look at the feed back cards that evening as a colleague and I tabulated them.  I was a little disappointed that it didn’t go as well as I would have liked.  For some reason, Susan and I thought, “Great, we have more time! Let’s add more sildes” eventhough we have run out of time at every previous workshop.  We have so much we want to say!  Sufice to say, we didn’t have enough time to spend on activities, discussion or booktalks.  We could do a whole two hours (or longer) on those three things but we feel that there is so much foundational information that is important to present if teachers actually want to treat the comics form as an equally valuable narrative form.

As in the past, here is the PPT from our presentation/workshop.   It has grown too large to upload all at once so here it is in two parts (unfortunately, the computer I split the ppt on did not have the same list of templates so the two parts look a little different.)



Please, please, please: I welcome any and all comments that continue the discussion.

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